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lastname Luitjens
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Here you ‘ll find especially data from the different Luitjens families from Völlen (East Frisia), Stapelmoor (East Frisia) and other regions. Also families with similar names as Lütjens were investigated. In order to differentiate the different Luitjens families, it requires still many data. Here I look forward to data of missing persons, in order to attach the net more closely. We stand here only at the beginning. The data of living persons are not published. If you have requests, then I ask for a E-Mail. Detailed Information will only be given for family members. If you should discover data, which concern you and whose publication you do not wish, then I ask for contact.

I have placed a lot of data from the areas of Westoverledingen and Reiderland in Ostfriesland, Germany, concerning different Luitjens families. You can also find a lot of data from the area of Groningen. We need to get more data for further research. If you want to help me, send me more informations. The data concerning living persons will not be presented. If you see data published against your opinion let me know.

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Thank saying

Most results I owe to the outstanding preliminary work of Dr. Robert C. Appledorn (2007) from Indianapolis, whose homepage supplied different church books from Westoverledingen to me with. He helped me by important notes with the development of the data. The moreover one I thank Robert C. (Bob) Borchers  (), Michael Till Heinze () and Theodor Voss. and all authors whose sources I can use.
Comment of the publisher
The presented data and the presented form are to be seen as part of a project. Still many errors can be present. If you discover one, have ideas to the further organization or certain questions send them via E-Mail